Přemysl Pitter

One day Pitter was ordered to appear at the Gestapo headquarters. He was sure he would be imprisoned. The Nazi official asked him about the home, but then
interrupted him suddenly saying, “You are hiding Jewish children and also supplying food to Jewish families!”
   “Yes,” said Pitter, “from a human standpoint you surely can understand this!”
   There was a silence, then the official spoke, “You can go!” The SS officer next to Pitter looked shocked. “You can go!” the official said again.
   When Pitter returned to the home he found all the adults praying for him. They looked at him as if seeing a ghost.



Olga Fierz (1900-1990)

“Existence demokratických národů je podmíněna tím, podaří-li se vychovávat mládež s ideály, s touhou po větší občanské i světové solidaritě.” - Přemysl Pitter